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We Don't Believe More Security is Better Security...

We Believe In Logical, Rational, Fact Based and Threat-Appropriate Solutions...


You help us understand your risk profile and risk tolerance


SSC uses a “risk assessment / risk tolerance” model to identify potential vulnerabilities and propose alternative solutions which are tailored to the specific needs of your business  or organization as well as your individual appetite for taking risk.


You and your circumstances are unique


Every individual and every organization is unique. There are no "one size, fits all" solutions. We take the time to get to know you and your operations so that we can offer solutions that fit your needs, your culture, your lifestyle and your budget.


You will always receive an objective set of recommendations


Solutions will always be cost-effective, threat-appropriate and rational. We know you have a limited budget.  We will never suggest something you do not need.  SSC is independent. We do not sell products, endorse products, nor are we affiliated with any security sales company.


You will be the ultimate architect of the solutions


SSC’s philosophy is that, with a thorough understanding of the risks at hand, you should determine the level of security, safety and emergency planning you want to keep your business safe and secure. We will provide expert guidance with the development, implementation and -- if desired -- management of your final plan.


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