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Security Planning & Operations

Security Program Management - Need security, risk and emergency planning services, but don't need a full time Security Director? We have the expertise to provide you with the part-time security management you need. You will get all the benefits of an experienced, global security professional at a fraction of the cost. We will provide you security, risk and business continuity planning services on an hourly basis, a daily basis or, if desired, on a project basis.  It's up to you!


Security Policy and Practices Development - Have a person assigned as your security point of contact, who could use some help? Maybe your Business Manager, HR Manager, Safety Manager or Facilities MAnager is also trying to run your security program. We can help! We will work with your designated point of contact to develop best in class policies and practices for your specific industry and your specific business needs. We will also help implement those polices with assistance in developing communications, training and checking for compliance.


Investigations - Is something going on, but you're not sure what? We have the experience to conduct both routine and complex investigations for you and your company. Whether it is internal theft or loss of competitive position, it's not good when you don't know what is happening, but you know it's impacting you! We can provide intelligence research regarding your competitors as well as internal investigation assistance. We are discrete and professional. We always operate within the law. We are fully mindful of an individual's right to privacy, your fiduciary obligations to your company and the respect that is owed to all. 


Security Systems Planning - Ready to install an alarm system, access control system, or CCTV system but don't know where to start? We can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your needs and make recommendations that are consistent with your company risks, culture and budget. We have deep experience in systems design and development. Further, we will help you source providers, write RFPs and negotiate contracts. 




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