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Risk Assessment & Management

Risk Assessments - Allocating resources to security, safety or emergency planning without understanding your true risks can be a waste of time and money. Using proven industry tools we will work directly with you to conduct a thorough assessment of the risks to your business, school or organization. Further, we will ensure that your tolerance for risk (or "risk appetite") is understood and documented so that proposed risk mitigation measures are threat appropriate, cost effective and rational.


Home Security & Safety Surveys - Perhaps you are an executive with a high or somewhat controversial public profile. Perhaps you are a Real Estate broker looking for a "value add" for their clients. Either way, we can provide in depth security and safety surveys of residential properties. In addition to providing photographic documentation of the property with specific suggestions for improving security, we will also provide you with an analysis of the crime rate and statistics for the city or town in which the property is located. We can also help design home security systems, safe rooms and develop family emergency plans.


Travel Security Assessments - International travel can pose risks to individuals and families. Even travel to "safe" countries requires a degree of awareness that is more acute than you have in your home land. We can provide you the resources to ensure that your overseas trips are assessed for risk and allow you to take appropriate precautions. We can partner with security organizations worldwide to provide you with country-based security presence if needed, or, with organizations that can assist you in an emergency. Additionally, we can offer resources for real-time threat assessments and alerts.




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