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Emergency Planning & Preparedness

Business Continuity Planning - Business interruption does not have to result in business failure! However, according to FEMA, of the organizations which suffer a business interruption due to an unanticipated event:

- 43% never reopen

- 51% fail in two (2) years

- 75% fail within three (3) years.

The resiliency of an organization is directly related to their level of advanced planning. We will work with you to conduct an in-depth Business Impact Analysis and formulate effective and responsive Business Continuity Plans for each critical element of your organization. 


Disaster Recovery Planning - The development of specific plans to preserve the critical Information Technology components of an organization cannot be overstated. Sometimes simply backing up your data is not enough. While you and your employees require computing capability, if your customers rely on your technology platforms to conduct business with you, it is essential that they remain available with minimal downtime. We will help you develop Recovery Point Objectives, Recovery Time Objectives and documented recovery plans for hardware, software, applications, and data.


Crisis Communication Consultation - The timing, method and content of information provided by a company or an organization to the public, stockholders, employees and other stakeholders during a crisis event is critical to protecting its integrity and reputation. We will assist you in the development of an appropriate crisis communication team as well as the development of strategies, policies and procedures for managing the flow of information in the event of a crisis. We will also help you source crisis communication subject matter experts.

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